flexibility is key

The best “works”are the ones that can be adjusted to fit many different skill levels.  This work is one of Asher’s favorites.  This one, along with the marbles…pretty much anything with balls.  :)  I was inspired by a work that JR had at his previous pre-school.  I purchased the wood balls and pallette at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  The tongs were harder to find.  I finally found these at Crate and Barrel (they’re sugar cube tongs).

At Asher’s level, he can transfer the balls with his hands.  He wants to use the tongs so badly so I let him experiment with those too.  Sometimes we count while we place the balls.  Sometimes when we use the tongs together, we say “squeeze” and “release” to increase his vocabulary.  He loves it.

Here’s JR using the tongs.  It started off as challenging for him, but now it is so easy.  He still likes to do it from time to time to show how fast he is.