WARNING – I am a proud momma today and might brag (just a little)

A momentous occasion occurred yesterday, which had to be memorialized with a photo.  ;)  JR spelled his first word!  [C-A-T]  I didn’t even realize he was ready for spelling until I read that children can spell BEFORE they can read and write.  I’ve been waiting and haven’t even realized his potential.  We first sounded out and spelled [B-A-T] together and then he spelled [C-A-T] on his own.  His smile speaks for itself.  He was almost as proud of himself as I was.

p.s.  And yes, he’s still in his pj’s. It was one of those mornings…the sky was gray and it was hard to get motivated.  At one point, JR placed his bike across the door to our school room and claimed “the gate is closed so no school for today.” LOL.